Profile Details Question: Call Sign

Hi, as I’ve just found out when I filled in my VA in the settings - profile section in the IFC, it will show in app when I’m in flight.

But then, there’s this thing above it:

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 22.38.11

What call sign is that? My usual personal one (which already shows in app anyway) or the realistic flight number when I’m doing a realistic route?

Thanks in advance yall!

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You can use your personal or any made up callsign(but nothing too weird tho)

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Sorry, what I meant is, where will that show? Is it connected to the IF app? Or is it just extra profile details that don’t actually do anything?

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Any callsign that you like to use regularly. Back in the day when personalised callsigns were a thing, mine was Sooty94. Now it’s VT-SOO, as that’s the callsign I fly with the most.

Others include Misha (G-MISH), AviatorDan (AV-DAN) etc.

It’s just extra details that don’t really do anything. But it’s nice to make yourself familiar in the IF skies with a regular callsign which people can hear over ATC and say “ah I know that person!”

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its any callsign you use like if people see that callsign in the air they can know its you
like look at mine

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But I have my own call sign in-app, will it gets changed if I fill in that box?

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yep extra profile details

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No. It won’t change your in-game callsign. It’s just extra information for the IFC.


nope it will not

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Okay, wow you guys been great! Thank you for the enlightenment! See you in the skies!

(And big thanks to whoever you are re-assigning this thread properly into meta section!)


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