Professionals are also "Profezionels"

Disclaimer: This topic should not be taken seriously.

Me being profezionel for 6 photos straight :)

You know what Im trying to avoid, right? :)
  • Server: Expert and Casual
  • Aircraft: Look below…
  • Location: Guess it…
  • Quote for this topic: “FoLlOw Me ChIlRdEn”

Ready to see my Profezionalizm TM again? Here you go!

That pothole made me look bad and ruined my depature. I’ll take revenge next time…

In my defense, the plane move on their own…

Not only that: that massive group decided to go to eat in the back :(

“Follow me Children” (Singapore A359, 2020)

Literally I was going at Mach 1…

This dive-bomb was approved by @Rhys_V gang :)
Don’t worry, this wasn’t on Expert…

Welcome to Profezionalizm TM. I hope you enjoy your stay, which I don’t think so… BTW, screenshot competition coming soon :) I know, nobody asked for that :)

Happy landings, and Stay Safe :)


Oh? What- 💀💀💀

Those shots are insane ahah , btw I like the editing


That’s some real professionalism right there! 😝 😂

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Yeah, I survived :)

Thank you :)

The most profezional :)

Very profezional!

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Of course! If you ever want to cause some chaos on the casual server, let me know. I don’t really use any other server except the Expert Server so it’d be nice to have some fun once in a while.

Pro Tip: Don’t attempted these things on the ES, you’ll be booted 😂

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Hmmmm, this one seems oddly familiar to me… I wonder why 👀

Your profezionalizm is top notch! pls don’t go after me in court for using your trademark


Yup, Awaiting for approval :)

Oh uh… I got exposed 😎?

Wish I could, but I’ll be nice and let you go :)


Reminds me that time when A321 come hot in like 250kts for landing (litterly) and just dived into the ground 😆😅 oh… in EXPERT.
btw great topic LOL

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Welcome to profesionalizm TM 😎

Thanks 😊

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I have officially seen all that I needed to see.

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I see a competitor to the warriors of Casual server has arisen

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WoW,Ok :)

But it’s not true ;)


Rise warrior your time has come

your application has been approved

you even have prior experience, making you t The Chosen One

HAHAHAHAAHAHh why are you reading this?

Wow! Such professionalism! We should recommend you for IFAE membership! 😂😂😂