Professional Website Designer?

Yes professional or highly experienced. @AR_AR prices can be discussed in private

You’ll be looking at over $50/hr for that, just FYI.


Im aware thanks

For a virtual airline.

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@liamboyer99 have you considered the fact that without paid server hosting phpVMS will not work with IF, therefore there will be a monthly charge.

Would be a lot of work, it may even be easier for a developer to build their own system.

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They will help you:-)

I believe he is the head of american airlines?

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Actually, web designers who work with phpVMS to create templates give quotes. Because the templates usually come with special or specific features (even add ons) requested by the customer.

@liamboyer99 This probably isn’t the best place to ask for phpVMS services. This is the best place to ask

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Weebly is a good one

Just wondering, what happens if you invest hundreds of dollars into your VA and it doesn’t take off? I think it’s a better idea to start with weebly, wix or wordpress and then work on from there.


Yes weebly is good

Maybe a mindset with a whole new system in mind is the way to go ;)


Im a web developer but I am not programming for free sorry XD

Never asked you to do it for free. Just wondering if you can do a website like this :

Please don’t confuse people. Clearly whatever you know about phpVMS is not factual or accurate.

I can tell you now that many VA’s, not limited to IF are using free hosting. If people want to pay that is their business. Liam has been running a professional VA with a phpVMS website for some time, he is aware of these particulars and very familiar with the phpVMS software suite.

And even without paid hosting, the website will work to support the operations of an IF VA.

Lets not get people confused ;)


Feel free to use the template I made in HTML:

You’ll need a host, but 000webhostapp is a great free host!

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I can do it, but I’m quite sure that it is out of the price range you’re willing to pay, as I do this professionally full time…

Thanks for offering your services, however money isn’t the issue here. Not sure why everyone thinks that. I’m looking for quality. Unfortunately I was already given an offer and will be working with someone else. Thank you though for you concern!

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Because most VAs are run by people (kids) that are not willing to put any money into it. Apologies for the assumption.