Professional training server

A training server
But just grade 4/5 pilots can get to it
This is good for better ATC for pilots
More profession
And more people follow ATC
So this is like a training server, but for grade 4/5 pilots only

This is just like the expert server don’t think we need this

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This is pretty much expert server

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Grade does not indicate your skill within Infinite Flight it’s worth mentioning. The system we have now is good for new users to train on with the existing training server.


Guys, in expert
Just IFATC can ATC
In this new server for 4/5 pilots
You can ATC thus, more professional

How can you ensure it’s more professional? If you want a professional experience then go to the expert server. The server you are suggesting falls under the same line as Expert Server with a different name.


I often find that grade 3/4/5 pilots can be much less professional than grade 1/2 users. I get your point, but it should be based on something other than grade.

Perhaps XP? There is surely something on the grade table that would make this work, to a point.



This is basically ES. Plus adding another server just increases the devs workload when we’d much rather see new aircraft and other features.


Again shows no indication of skill.


ES is great in itself. The IFATC are trained to give professional ATC to those on the ES, not entirely sure what you mean by this theoretical server having better ATC than the Expert Server.


Why would anyone fly on a Training Server where 90% of ATC are bad, when they can fly on Expert, where 100% of ATC are trained and tested to ensure quality services to the pilots?


it’s not about the grades. i can be a really good grade 2 pilot who understands everything.
If you’re looking for a “professional” server that cuts out the pilots with less experience then you’ll have to wait. Perhaps their could be a server that requires you to take monthly quizzes etc.
That’s another suggestion for you to consider :)