Professional formation flying out of KCHS @ KCHS 190200ZNOV19

Professional formation flying out of KCHS. So my friend told me to get some more people to do this flight so you need to spawn at KCHS in a KC-10 I think and the time of departure is 9:00 EST and the server is casual. But he also said that it has to be professional and no messing around

Hey! This sounds great. 9:00PM EST is 3 hours and 15 minutes from now.

I see you’ve made group flights in the past, perhaps you can make one for this fun flight!

Check out this link for more info:

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Also this thread will fit the category #live

I know I forgot to do and when I try I can’t get it to work

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Ok everybody. Anybody who is participating in this event you are now spawning in an F-14 ok

Hello anybody??

Oh ok thank you so just spawn in at KCHS in an F-14 in the casual server and we will depart at 9:00PM EST

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