Profession Formation Flying in Casual Server Part 2

G’day IFC, Yes, I went professional formation flying on casual server again. Do not ask why. Enjoy these casual photos of me and my friend formation flying over Las Vegas. I’m also thinking about turning this into a series.

Flight Info: KLSV to end flight unlike my friend who decided to land on a road
Jet: FA-18

Gas Gas Gas

And it was at this moment I decided to break away and do a loop and eventually disconnect

Where my friend landed

He ran out of fuel which is why he landed on a road

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Anyways, That’s it. Have Good Day or Night IFC


🔥Those are sick! The quality is really good! 🔥


Thanks, appreciate it. Also, for those of you wondering, this is the person I was flying with and Yesterday

I love military jet aircraft formation takeoff, it just reminds me that they’re doing combat missions which I like. Also had you not edited the 1st and last photo, either one would be a perfect IF loading screen and also a wallpaper too.


Can I join it next time I love formation flying


Thank you I appreciate it. Here the 2 without being edited

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Sure, Dm me your discord and we can talk more later.

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Also, for this I think only staff can choose, Idk how the system works though so I may be wrong.

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Formations are always awesome, looks like you had fun.

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They sure are!!! Were planning to do another one on Wednesday. Looks like im turning this into a series And yes it is a lot of fun. We didn’t do VC in the last 2. Hopefully we are able to in the next one though.

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Bet here it is


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Also, I made a vid of it, cus why not??

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