Product not found

Hello so I can’t buy a subscription for IF because at the buying page it just says error and when I click select it just says product not found Screenshot_20190220-004856

Hi there! Do you have an Apple or Android device?

If you have an Apple device please go into Settings -> Screen Time -> Content & Privacy Restrictions

Make sure that iTunes & App Store Purchases aren’t selected which will block you from making in-app purchases.

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I have Samsung device

Ahhh, my apologies. Can you verify that in-app purchases are enabled in your PlayStore account? Also, ensure you have a good internet connection as well.

Also, which model Samsung do you have? This error may be showing due to the fact that your device doesn’t support newer versions of Infinite Flight which would require a Pro Subscription.

If your device does in fact support Global (Satellite Imagery) which is a newer version of Infinite Flight then you could try the following steps to resolve your issue:

  • Close Infinite Flight (make sure it isn’t running in the background too)
  • Restart your device
  • Relaunch Infinite Flight and try again.

I have a very new device with 4gb ram and a powerful GPU. I restarted my device many times and in app purchases are enabled. I’ll just reinstall the application.

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okay so I reinstalled the application and now it’s working again.

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Nice work! See you in the skies ✈️