Procedures on How to Conduct Air to Air Refueling

Just a few quick notes guys. This is from a KC130 guy, and from our pubs which are used by NATO, so that everyone has the same understand and no mishaps occur.

This is not super in depth, just a few key points.

First, brief the plan, set the altitude to rendezvous, and ensure you have a general speed range, and of course a bingo fuel limit!

  • When approaching the tanker, ensure you have clearance to join.
  • When joining, you form up left echelon.
  • Once formed, the tanker gives clearance for one or two aircraft, depending on the tanker, to move astern to the probe or hose.
  • Once steady astern, you then attempt to make a play, clear you for contact.
  • When you have your required fuel, request permission to form up in the echelon right
  • Once all aircraft are formed echelon right, you can then request from the tanker to disembark on the planned route.

Just a quick down and dirty for those who don’t know. :)


There is also a YouTube tutorial about airplane refueling on the Infinite Flight channel

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That video is also a very simple guide. Not exactly a by the book procedure. If people wanted to do it professionally, they could use this as a starting point. Just because I saw a lot of people just flying up and then flying away. Lol.

If people want to know more feel free to hit me up!


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