Procedures labels


I noticed that on some airports there are no names on the coloured lines displaying the several SID/STAR procedures. See on LFPG in the attached picture for instance.
In that case it’s really difficult to choose one because I have to try all of them one by one.
Do you know why labels are missing ? Should this be a support thread maybe?

Thanks all for your help.


You should be able to see them, maybe zoom in or restart your app?

Do you see them on LFPG?

I will check

Update: actually I don’t, all the labels get glitched in the top left, this might be a bug. Hopefully the devs will fix this soon

Thanks a lot

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Hello support team, could you please have a look?

I think they are aware of the crashes and SID/STAR problems, I may be mistaken though

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