Procedures don't Retain Brackets after FPL Import

Device and App Version: iPhone 11, 20.03.01 (579)

Summary of Issue: Once-bracketed flight plans lose their procedure brackets after export/import. They do, however, retain the correct waypoints and set altitudes. I have been able to reproduce the issue every time I’ve tried.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Spawn in on any server or fly solo.
  2. Create a FPL that includes established SIDs, STARs, or approaches.
  3. Export the FPL with the “Share” button.
  4. Clear your current FPL and import the previously exported FPL.

Expected Result: The established procedures are organized by green brackets.

Actual Result: See the absence of brackets around the established procedures.

Example Images

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Noticed this the other day…so I’m able to reproduce.

The mods definitely would like a keener look at this.
My feeling it is some kind of bug & need to be fixed.
Since when you started to have this issue? And this only for importing FPL?

I think this a general issue on all devices. Even though the brackets look better why would we need them as long as we have the correct waypoints?

Hmmmm… I think the share and export simply copies and pastes the text (waypoints) and altitude data. Similar to copy pasting a flight plan from FPLtoIF - if those plans had altitude data as well.

For the “brackets” to be in place, the arrival and departure and approach procedures have to be selected firsthand as “PESE2A” (for example) from the PROC menu in the airport info. And for that, you have to delete all the waypoints in those procedures first and then re-add them through the PROC tab. That’s the only way that I’ve found so far. It’s a little annoying, I agree.

I could be totally wrong - but I think that it’s needed, because the brackets define the SIDs and STARs for IFATC as well for that particular aircraft. Without them, ATC won’t be able to efficiently see that you’re arriving by a particular STAR or departing to a SID if the “use of arrival and departure procedures” are required or recommended.


Good find. Seems like a problem with the .fpl format and not necessarily the game, as there is no distinction in the file between a waypoint from a procedure and a normal waypoint.

Same issue here. I’m not sure if the SID/STAR need to be in that grouping for ATC to recognize it. It defeats a lot of the purpose of saving a plan if you have to delete each waypoint once they’re no longer in the bracket, only to have to enter them again,

This is intentional, the .fpl format is a Garmin format and it does not natively support procedures, so we need to flatten them into a list of waypoints. Thanks for the report though!


Thanks for the insight, Cameron!

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