Procedures bugs

Can you see the difference between pics from another person (2 pic) and mine (1 pic)?

The difference is that on your picture (1) you see SIDs and on picture 2 you see STARs. Try looking at STAR section for UUYY and you would see the same thing as on picture 2

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That’s the thing it’s not about the arc i think

STARs for UUYY consist of more than 1 waypoint and end on the start of approach procedures, which means the issue with airport waypoint not added isn’t a problem for them. SIDs on the other hand consists of only 1 waypoint because airport waypoint isn’t aded with them, so it is about ARCs

Oh ok, let’s just hope arc nav becomes a feature soon along with the AP improvements and such

The data about the ARCs is shipped by NavBlue, who also ship it to MFS 2020 and, well, planes. It’s probably because ARCs are a bit hellish to draw on their cube projection of earth accurately, but take it with a grain of salt because, well, I’m not a IF dev.

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