Procedure Updates

Shortly after 20.1, I brought up an issue with a particular airport’s procedures not being in game. I received a helpful response telling me that it would be looked into, which was great.

But now, nearly 10 months later, I am still noticing multiple airports without procedures, including the one which I reported after the update. I was wondering how frequently, if ever, procedures are updated? I understand they come from a third party and are more than likely quite costly. Just to clarify, I’m not making any demands - just asking a question. Thanks


last time i asked they said once a year. So idk when the next update will come

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Cairo and Montreal are major airports, why haven’t those procedures been looked at yet🤔


it depends on what NavBlue has in the package update when IF gets it

Navblue is an airbus company so they would have up to date software. It is used in real life by many different airlines who operate into some of these airport that are being mentioned by the OP and posters on this thread, and I feel like some people don’t realise that and that therefore leads to misunderstanding.


thats what i wanted to say. thanks

Your Welcome 😃

And I assume that whenever NAVBLUE updates, it wouldn’t automatically convert the newest version to IF? Like I said before, i’m not sure how this all works but hopefully someone can clear it up

I thought LXGB was looked at according to mods a year ago? Still waiting for the RNP and the waypoints which decided to vanish from the sim. I’m confused as to how one of the most well known approaches in Europe can be left out for such a long period of time.

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I’m not sure myself but from what I understand it would have to be IF having to pay for the updates navblue provides and then loading it into the systems.

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I see, thanks

IF receives NavBlue updates only once a year, except for the United States, which is updated with new data each AIRAC cycle. It’s certainly possible if IF receives new data at some point later this year this could be fixed, but no promises.


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