Procedure required, ATC preferred SID/STAR, approaches

When D-ATIS says arrival/departure procedure required, do you have to use a preferred SID or STAR? Sometimes none go remotely in the right direction.
Also, are you required to have an approach (not just STAR) in your FPL in this case?

Not too sure about these actually.

However, if they recommend a SID/STAR, I would utilize it and fly direct to the airport of my choice after the end of it. While implementing SID’s into your flight plan, try to use transitions to help you reach your destination faster.

In terms of approach, I don’t think you are necessarily needed to have it, I’m just assuming it’s there to help us (with flying) to do the approach better to the runway. However, if they do say expect visual approach or some other kind and it’s not the one you have, I would suggest changing it just to be safe.

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You are required to have a STAR from the in-app flight planning in your flight plan if that’s what ATIS says. You do not need an approach included.

Does it have to be an ATC preferred one? Just now when I was approaching YSSY, the preferred arrivals were from totally the wrong directions.

Yup, we will make you change it if it’s not.

So I’ll be asked to go all the way around the airport to join a star on the other side?
I just got vectored in earlier.

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I feel like you should just pick a STAR that goes in your direction and it’s ok if its not the prefered one.

No, you can join at a more direct route then be told to continue as filed. That’s traffic dependent though.

Edit: We are seeing things you can’t see when it comes to the flow of the traffic.

Can we take this to a PM?

Sure, either or.

Would like to add that the ATC preferred STARs should always be accessible from every direction so it’s as direct as possible. Ideally all STARs would be in use, kind of a controller preference in regards to what they pick. I personally like using them all.

This makes sense as in real life all stars are almost always used because they come from different directions.

Yeah I don’t know why you would want to limit it but it’s new so we’ll see how that develops.

Basically what happened just now was D-ATIS for YSSY said ATC-preferred was BORE2A or MARLN5, which are the approaches from the east and the north. I was approaching from the west. I was approved to descent via the STAR I filed and then got vectored in.

Maybe D-ATIS had everything when I was descending. I totally forgot to check and only saw it after I was close to the ground already so maybe it changed during my descent. There was actually a brief controller change.

For example, at JFK they use the ROBER/PARCH stars for oceanic/boston flights. CAMRN from the south, LENDY star from the west and IGN1 from the north.

You can be vectored to go more direct into the airport.

There is a difference between STARs recommended and STARs required though. If they’re recommended then you don’t need to use them. If they are required then you have to. More guidance here as to what we are following.

Note that all of that is written in the point of view of the controller not the pilot reading it.

I’m gonna guess that if ATC recommends/requires STAR, and doing so takes me over the airport to the other side, I’m most likely just going to get vectors like before 19.4 right?

You do not need to join the very beginning of a STAR so no, you will not need to do that.

Unless the controller needs you to then you will. This shouldn’t be the case with Center. Center will sort out spacing, approach should just be controlling speed and clearing.