Procedure for near collision?

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On final rw25r, VHHH,`` CathayPacific reporting on Unicom takeoff 25L but didn’t know the difference between 25 and 07 This simplayer is grade 4… Brrr! You can not do without ATC.
BTW: I admit I should have gone around but instead touched down beneath the wide body. Wouldn’t have survived in real life!
Question: should I have gone around, missed approach, risking the other would do the same and collide in the air? What is the proper procedure in this case?

I would have gone around, even though this is a simulator. If the other would have gone around as well, try to maintain visual separation and choose a different direction than them. Other than that, I don’t think there’s much else you could do.


Think I would do so next time too. Still curious what is the official rule here; maybe you should always turn left (both), maybe the aircraft landing should always try to proceed landing and the aircraft taking off should always continue climb?

Its sad that people can do things like that since there is no IFATC present😔


Yes, pitty but maybe it was just a mistake. You learn to check the numbers on the runway, compass and navigation when lining up on the runway but maybe this person forgot?

Yea some people either are on a rush, forgetful or are just mega trolls.

Rush and trolls are most % that we experience on Expert. Forgetful has less %


Yea true had a troll takeoff while I was so near the runway. Flight had to be delayed. Love you pfp btw😂

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The best and safest option would be to go around and make a turn away from him

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I’ve experienced this same situation a few months back at LSZH (I was established on the GPS into runway 14 and they decided to taxi to and depart from the 32 end) The best solution is to immediately abandon the approach and start a turn away from the departing aircraft (preferably turn onto a downwind leg for the runway you plan to land on)

Once the conflict is resolved, turn inbound again, reestablish on your approach and continue to land


Agreed @IF787 However in this case I decided to continue landing because if I would have gone around I would need to gain altitude again risking a collision. I think I just waited to long expecting the jet would abort his take of. As soon as I saw he was really lining up opposite I should have go around for downwind.
Thanks for your advise.

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Me after a long haul would G/A,
Me after a 1 hour flight would go crash into a mountain in disappointment

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