Procedure Exiting runway asking ground to taxi

Question on correct aviation procedure and possible IF bug? Or it’s my ignorance ;0)
Going from airport A to B on Flight Plan, ask Approach for FF, then tower for landing, landing and exiting runway efficiently then stop just past the runway line, to give me time to ask ground permission to taxi and look around for ground traffic

  • My problem is at that time, my frequencies still shows as Tower in Green (even if I tune out of tower, or ask and get frequency change and change). Manually selecting the ground frequency (in White) I do not have option to ask for taxi to Parking (only for runway like I was leaving the gate) - why is that please? Is it perhaps because it’s a ground Unicom, or I’m not far enough from runway or wasn’t officially transferred from tower to ground?
    I want to do things right in the correct aviation way - thank you
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If it is in white, there is no active ATC hence the unicom. Just taxi to parking whilst following rules on the ground.


Easy and thanks for super quick reply. And from what I read on forum if there’s ground atc is this below correct way, or s

  • Land and exit runway pass line
  • contact ground directly (not asking frequency change and tuning out of tower) and:
    • “clear of all runways”
    • ask taxi to parking
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Yes, always make sure to get past the hold short line. The tower will have given you an ‘exit and contact ground’ command, so as you said you do not ask for another frequency change. You do not then announce clear of all runways if there is a ground frequency, for the simple reason of there is no command for it. Just ask for taxi to parking.

These tutorials will help you:

(Above may be useful so you can see it from ATC perspective)


Many of you are stopping BEFORE the hold short line. Stopping before the hold short line is still considered “being on the runway” and you can be ghosted! Go pass the hold short line and then contact ground!

Aircrafts don’t stop on the runway to contact ground, on I.F. or real life. Screenshots below shows what NOT to do!

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