Procedure aproach SBPL PETROLINA

To the friends who edit the airspace, we inform that there has been a change in the (fixed) approach heading at Petrolina SBPL airport.
Now there is no longer fixed PL021 (Papa Lima 021).
Now the approach for landing on runway 13, for those coming from Guarulhos, or from any sector in the north and south of Brazil, the start of procedures for landing is at the fixed PL011 and PL012, informing, fixed head 13 for the approach of the north sector and south, the aerodrome is in the northeast of the country. It is a reference in fruit exports through Cargolux with the B747-8 and B747-400 from Petrolina to Luxembourg.


Infinite Flight’s procedures are provided by NavBlue (An Airbus Company). NavBlue will update it within a certain period for Infinite Flight, just be patient, thanks.

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