Proc Charts

Hi! I am still familiarizing myself with the departure track thingy. How do I use them?

What is that thingy😐

Are you referencing PROC (Procedure) Charts?

yeah! that thingy!

Check out this section of the User Guide! Hopefully you find the User Guide and the video tutorial by @Tyler_Shelton helpful to you! Let me know if you have further questions.


hmmm… I’m still a little confused.

Talk to me. What are you still confused about? If you’re confused… Other people are bound to be as well.

I am trying to find a suitable route out of Los Angeles (runway 24L). I can’t find one that goes straight out.

Try the SUMMR2, DARRK3, or MUELR4 Departure. All traffic turns right or left initially to avoid Warning Zones down off the shore

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