The game did not accept my 1-year membership, but membership is paid out of the window again what is the problem ? ? ?

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Membership may 2017 finish .

What should I now ?

So if it expires in May 2017, then you got a year’s subscription? I don’t understand what the problem is, sorry.

Subscription is continuing, but not the input comes back online payment window .

Can you acsess live flight?

Online problem membership may 2017 finish because .

Yea, had the same problem this morning @carmalonso
Live Subscription not working

Ok sorry mate…
Please tell exactly whats the problem is and give me this information:
Device you playing on
Android or IOS version
Jailbreak or root

So to what I understood is that your live membership shows may 2017, but you can’t fly online?

See my previous post.

Right…and not only you…some more had it as well

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Friends do not have WiFi connection while online, this is how mobile data when connecting online business ?

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