Problems working with iOS 9 beta


I’m not sure if anyone else has run into this, but every time I try to open infinite flight since downloading iOS 9 beta it will not open. I have reported the issue to Apple, but wanted to know if there’s a new update in sight that might help this issue.



Infinite Flight isn’t yet optimized to run on iOS 9 beta! :)


I swear this has been discussed before. Moved to bugs.


Infinite Flight is not optimized for iOS 9, nor should anyone expect it to be. If you’re running iOS 9 you would expect that some apps aren’t going to work. Will be fixed either next update or by the time iOS 9 is officially released


I downloaded ios 9 beta 3 too :( everytime i open infinite flight it crashes and i have a 1 month live subscribtion is there anyway to downgrade back to ios 8.4?


You can read an article on iMore showing you how to downgrade here: Good luck!!

This will delete things on your phone: you should have made a backup before upgrading to iOS 9 beta.


This should not be an issue anymore. iOS9 is definitely supported on the update.


Can we please put tgis topic to death already.



The August 2015 update should fix any issues related to iOS 9. If there are any new issues please create a new topic