Problems with XP?

Hi there!
I was wondering how it is possible that my XP is that low? Doing my best to get Grade 3, but the XP is going so slow!
Can someone please help?

You should look to start flying more to get XP quicker. You only have 17 hours so that’s why it’s not going fast. Do long flights regularly and it will add up quickly

Do the math and you’ll be there. I would recommend flying for fun and not XP. Way more enjoyable.

Thanks guys! Appreciate it!!

Reason for asking whas because im done playing as atc at the training server… i know how it works, but you got guys/girls who are always doing they’re own thing.

Controlling on TS at Classic Bravos such as EGLL, KLAX and KJFK can be apin as mostly no one will listen to you and do what they do their own way…

As to your XP issue, Long Hauls are the key to gaining more XP and if you happen to land in a windy place or against crosswind that will add up to your XP as well.

So i’d say, time to fly far and wide, you’ve got a whole world in your hands to discover :)

Grade 3 is the Grade with the highest XP/flight-time ratio. I suggest that the idea behind this is that people don’t get to Grade 3 by ‘just flying a few long hauls’, but actually spend time controlling the aircraft. (And read the #tutorials of course)
This is why Grade 3 can only really be reached ‘quickly’ by focussing on the XP, rather than focus on flight-time.

Check the math from earlier post: the answer is touch& goes in windy places. Have fun!

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Honestly, if you don’t think about it much and just do some flights and practice landing, you’ll actually be there a lot faster than you think. Also, check tutorials and brush up on rules to make sure you don’t get violations once you reach grade 3 🙂

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