Problems with touch

Hello. At times, when I try to tap something or move something, it won’t work. Like sometimes when I try to move the rudder, it won’t turn. Or when I move the camera, it won’t move. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it my iPad or the sim? Thanks!

-Trey Weger


Hey! What iPad are you using? Also, do you think this may be a result of an app freeze? An app freeze totally locks up the last position of where your camera was and you are unable to make any touches or any interaction during this time.

I believe I’m using an iPad Air 2 so it’s pretty old and used. And yes, it does seem like it freezes and won’t let me do anything

I use the same device as you and experience this time to time but may get a new device really soon. Anyways, unfortunately app freezes are kind of inevitable to occur on all devices but may occur more on the older devices than the other newer ones. Freezes usually occur when there’s an overload of something I believe. My suggestion to you is perhaps lowering your graphics a bit and turning on limit frame rate to reduce the stress on your device so you can see this happening less. This is just my suggestion to you. :)

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Ok! Thanks!

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