Problems with TL1 (2)

Hello, if it is not my mistake, it should already be TL2 according to my statistics, however, I am still TL1, can someone help me?

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I just moved your topic to #Meta since this is forum related rather than an issue with the Infinite Flight app itself.

Also note, those are canned stats. IFC doesn’t exactly follow those ;)

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Trust level requirements are tweaked on this forum and aren’t given publicly. I’d recommend reading this :)

But i came back to IFC after almost 3 months without use, does it affect my TL?

The exact requirements are kept secret. But yes, time spent on the forum does count towards your TL as far as I know.

Well, according to what the forum says, I must be on TL2 tomorrow, however, I have these requirements for more than 3 months, so there is something wrong out there

Nope. The Infinite Flight Community forum requirements are not the same as Discourse.

The requirements for TL2 are kept hidden. No one knows them, except for the staff. This is done to prevent TL farming.

To redirect you to how trust levels work differently on here, @Jet_Airways_995 posted a link. Give it a read, and you should understand it a little better :)

Ok, thank you ;)

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