Problems with title

Whenever I scroll down to read the replies in a topic the title becomes weird.

Does anyone know why this is happening? First I’ve seen it.


Try closing the IFC and reopening it.

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That did not do it. For some reason it switched back to regular though.

So it stopped doing it?

Yes. However it did it again then stopped.

Hmm… I’m not sure how to fix it then.

That’s fine. Anyone else have an idea?

Have you tried running ifc through discourse hub?

Accessing through discourse shouldn’t help since the app is using the same safari web engine that is used to render the page in safari that OP screenshoted above. Anyways, this just seems like a CSS file that didn’t load properly. As IFC is a progressive web app (meaning it only loads the data instead of the whole page when you do some of the actions), the best you can do is just to reload the page.

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Clearing your cookies/cache may help too.

Just did that. Still is random.

If you’re clearing cookies you might as well clear the scenery cache, as the only things stored in them are google, shopify and session identifiers which have nothing to do with the CSS. Speaking of cache, clearing the website cache might be more relevant, but considering that the CSS file where the color for the title is contains a lot more than just that, it might just be a WebKit (Safari’s rendering engine) edge case bug rather than a website issue.


Cookies and cache are cleared together in iOS (via Settings), hence the backslash between the two in my original post. I’m aware that cookies don’t affect the CSS.

@Zhopkins - I’m not able to reproduce this and can’t think of any reason for this other than a WebKit bug, as mentioned by Alexander. I know there was a WebKit canvas issue a little while ago, but I believe it has since been fixed, so that’s most likely not the cause.

Does this happen on other Discourse forums? Other websites? Or is this solely the IFC?


Solely the IFC. Did not happen anywhere else.

This may help

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Just happened again but this time even weirder.

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