Problems with the simulator in the new version 22.8

My phone: poco x3 pro
Android 12
6gb ram

hello, my infinite flight in the new version 22.8 has several problems such as bugs when trying to land that happens to enter the earth and lose the flight, and it takes a long time to load an aircraft, And several other bugs of not loading the map to design the flights, not loading absolutely anything from the scenery. I look forward to the hotfix for the 22.8 and hope it helps me with these issues.



It seems that you repeat some things throughout this topic. Just to clarify you are saying thy the scenery isn’t loading?

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Hey, sorry to hear you are having these issues.

Sometimes, scenery related problems can be fixed by clearing the scenery cache in settings and restarting the app.

As for the in-game map failing to load, that is a bug I haven’t seen reported on here previously. I’d suggest restarting the game and see if it still persists.

As you said in your post, there is a hotfix on its way to Android devices. One of the fixes in 22.8.1 will be a reduction in loading time. See Cameron’s post here for more info:

  • Thanks, hope this helps 🙂
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Hi thanks for the reply
So, I’ve tried several times to clear the scenario’s cache and it didn’t work, I even uninstalled the app several times and the problem remained.
I already took a look at this topic and I’m waiting for the hotfix…

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