problems with the server

I got this message IF is experiencing issues connecting to the server…I have good wifi signal. I have turn off the device. i still have the problem. How can I solve it

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Hi there,

Can you please check your App or Play Store and make sure that you have the latest update. If not delete the app and reinstall.

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Reccomend deleting and redownloading the app/reinstall.

I have the same problem unable to log in to server despite uninstalling and reinstalling app
Geoff Gill

Hi, Have you tried reseting your router/modem?

What Operating system are you using? Would also need Infinite Flight version.

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Latest if version just downloaded it android 6.0.1

From where did you download it?


Downloaded from Google play app store why??

Just needed to be sure.

Did this happen tonight or have it always been like this? Any further information about what you’ve done so far and so on would be helpful :)

Same thing just happened to me. Android 7.0 on the S7. latest IF build for Android. have restarted my phone and turned on an off wifi. Router is working for all other apps/services on multiple devices but IF. Downloaded from Google play and this is a first for me ever with Global.

Edit: Apparently an update/ hotfix from a couple of weeks ago just got pushed to the play store had not had it pop up on updates before. Not sure if this is normal. Was IF 17.04.0 which was what I had before.

It happened only yesterday and I did an update to see if this would fix it and it didn’t so I reinstalled from google play store. It keeps saying the account has no active subscription. What is the next move?

Are you certain you have an up to date Pro Subscription or a previously unexpired Live+ Subscription?

Hi I am from Mauritius. I have downloaded infinite flight global when I enter the app and press the solo mode it. Returns on home screen but the game is not playing.I am running an Android version 6.0 but in vain.What kind of game is this. You told that infinite flight global app is compatible with Android version 6.0.PLEASE HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Go into your Google Playstore and download the latest version of Infinite Flight.

Yes I have a current subscription. I have solved the problem by logging out and back in.Thanks for your assistance

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