Problems with the new grapics configuration of the 19.1


Yet, after new update there is only lagging game, I did not see anything else for myself. It is impossible to play even at low graphics settings. And on low graphics settings the game is not realistic too…


1-My phone is a LG K10 2017
MediaTek MT6750 1.51 Ghz
Open GL 3.2

2-the graphics that I currently have selected are:

Renderin Quality: FAST
Texture Quality: LOW
Limit Frame Rate: ACTIVATED

3-I Fly in Online Multiplayer

4-The last time I used the graphics in medium was March 13, before the update of 19.1


It’s pretty much the same on “good” just lower resolution. Yours looks different because the moon isn’t out. Whenever I’m flying at night I go to a date with a bright moon for wherever I happen to be on Earth (I can explain how to do this if you want). It makes flying at night so much more enjoyable.


Yep it’s unfortunate that the new fast setting is the old medium but with super low resolution and antialiasing forced on. Fast and good are way too low resolution and they’re still slower because we can’t turn antialiasing off. If you don’t mind me asking, what was the rationale behind removing that option?

And yes I know where that line is coming from but I think irl it would disperse more evenly over the airframe. It’s actually hard to find pictures of aircraft purely under the light of a full moon so I can’t prove it yet. Either way, I think the old moonlight was much more aesthetically pleasing (and you could see a bit of your aircraft). If that’s no longer an option I’ll be much less eager to fly at night :(


Fast and good are way too low resolution

Fast = 540p
Good = 720p (HD)

Before it was a % of your screen resolution which was way too high to be able to run IF at proper framerate without draining your battery.

I think the old moonlight was much more aesthetically pleasing (and you could see a bit of your aircraft). If that’s no longer an option I’ll be much less eager to fly at night :(

We haven’t changed anything with lighting, we simply removed the “low” graphics which was not realistic at all.


Thanks for the response. Fast and good look much worse than the old low setting to me. And it seems like my device runs a lot slower/uses more battery now. Any advice on the antialiasing?

As for the night, I recognize that’s a totally separate issue. It just wasn’t a problem when we had more control over the settings. I’m not talking about the overall lighting, just how it hits the aircraft. My argument is that moonlight distributes over surfaces more evenly. Those individual reflection lines are way too bright:

(I think in general IF aircraft are too reflective, they weren’t on the old low setting though…)

These are from 19.1 using best^ Moonlight shouldn’t drastically light up one tiny section of the aircraft. I’m pretty sure the delineation should be between moonlight and shade. Again, disregard the low resolution (since this is a picture of a screen) but you can see what I’m talking about here:

Honestly this looks more realistic to me since you don’t have those extremely bright lines. Never seen something like that irl. Notice how clear the difference between the light and shade is^


It is hard to compare 1 low res shot from 1 angle against high res shot from a specific angle.

The reason you didn’t see the specular highlights in “Low” is simply because we skip them to save on performance.

In the end it is very subjective. Our night lighting in general is not as good as it could be and we surely have some improvements to make there.

For day lighting, “Low” was just horrendous before and since most ppl fly during the day in IF, it made more sense to us to prioritize daylight quality.


My phone is Samsung a6. Yesterday the game was very bad because of the update. The game was comfortable at high settings but is now very bad even at the lowest settings. I flew these days and I’m playing online but I can’t enjoy it at all and the problem should be solved immediately .


Please see the announcement.

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