Problems with the new grapics configuration of the 19.1


Before today’s update I could play with graphics in MEDIUM and I was great at the game, but now with the new graphics settings, which you call “simplified”, I can not play with everything in minimum, it sticks a lot, but with the previous configuration everything was fine. I know I’m not the only one with that problem and I read other comments complaining about the same problem. I am looking forward to your response.


i actually prefer the new system, at least the app didn’t crash for me during my first flight right after the update,.

i think the developers not only did this to simplify it but perhaps also to fix some issues which might used to cause the app to crash during departure or approach previously!

You have a point, I don’t know how well my old device can handle the "low’ setting on long flights. The rndering quality looks to be at medium even when it is at “low”, my phone is constantly hot/warm due to this rason. Before it would never get warm on long flights at all.

EDIT: I would like to change the rendering quality during flights.

what is your android version? mine is 6,.

i set the texture at medium and rending at “good” and its works fine and looks okay

I don’t use Android, but I want to change rendering resolution, quality and all that in flight. I takeoff and land with them all at max, but cruise with them all on the lowest. I think I will bget find with the "low’ setting, but I think it is still not low enough.

wait by max you mean highest quality?! isn’t it better to do that on cruise and lower the quality on departure/approach for smoother performance considering the fact that during departure or approach there’s more aircrafts flying around you as will as ATC which might cause the app to lag!

I use android 7.0 i have a LG K10 2017

Not for me, when I fly I have to have max graphics as that is what I enjoy. It is hard for me to look at low graphics. I have my aircraft rendering to low, therefore it is not big deal to redner them.

I’ve also noticed that the options under graphics in settings are different depending on whether you access settings while flying or from the home screen.

In flight I can only change rendering quality between: Fast, Good, Best and Ludicrous (plus “limit frame rate”). Under Fast and Good, the quality is far below anything I’ve ever seen in IF (and I used to fly with quality and resolution both on low). However, best and ludicrous are way higher than necessary for long flights.

Side note: night rendering has always been way better on low quality (more even lighting rather than just reflection lines). Under the new system the best night rendering happens under “fast” which is the lowest setting. However the resolution is outrageously low so it isn’t feasible. I enjoy flying at night so I’m not sure what to do.

Back on track: If I go to the settings->graphics from the home page another option appears: texture quality with low, medium and high. Honestly I can’t see much of a difference switching between these. It’s harder to tell though because you have to end the flight to switch this from the home screen.

—> is the difference between the in-flight and home screen graphic options intentional?

I really appreciate the update (especially the new Cathay 77W!) but these graphics settings are killing me. I firmly agree with OP that going back to the old setup would be a significant improvement.

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Sorry you are having a bad experience with IF. We need a bit more information for performance issues. Could you please answer the following questions:

What is your device precise make and model (actual model number)?
What graphics quality setting do you have selected?
Are you flying in solo or online?
When is the last time you play Infinite Flight in “medium”?


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is the difference between the in-flight and home screen graphic options intentional?

Texture quality only appears in from the main menu because it can only be changed before a flight is started. Though this is an option that we will remove in the future (it will be part of the “Graphics Quality” setting)


Thanks, it’s an Apple iPad mini 2 A1490. I’ve been experimenting with all the new graphic settings. It seems the same online or solo.

Last time I used medium was probably about a month ago. It’s not that my device couldn’t happen it but I almost exclusively fly ULH so it makes sense to leave it on low.

Additionally, the day time rendering looked about as good (maybe even better) on the old low quality imo. Keep in mind I’m not talking about the resolution. The aircraft are a lot less shiny which looks more realistic to me. At night, low quality was definitely better. All you could see on high and medium were tiny reflections off the airframe. On low you got better light distribution on the whole aircraft.

You can still see this effect in 19.1 on moonlit night if you switch between “fast” and “good”/“best”/“ludicrous”. However, this is now inherently tied to resolution. I.e the only way to get the nice night time lighting is to accept the outlandishly low resolution of “fast”.

I’ll upload some images to demonstrate this soon.

These first two images are from 19.1 with medium texture quality and best rendering quality. Note the very bright line while the rest of the aircraft is dark:

I was surprised that I don’t have any old night screenshots. This is actually from a video taken of the screen so disregard the low resolution (it’s also the old low setting). But focus on how much better the light distribution looks:

I’m not sure why night has always looked better on low but now that’s not an option since the resolution of “fast” is too low even by my standards.

what about the resolution of “good” ?
this could be completely unrelated since i am playing on an android device, but i had my texture at medium just like yours however i had the resolution at “good”

and this is the result for night view, note this was taken from the replay by using a screen capture, and it was on multiplayer:

The lighting in the old “low” setting was wrong; “Fast” and “Good” both use what was called “Medium” in the previous settings.

The “bright” line you see is the specular reflection of the moon on the body of the aircraft, which is expected.

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I really like the fact that graphics is changed,
The lag has been real bad but got to accept the quality of the graphic settings is v.good
Also is it just me or do the flights look a little more like toys now?it’s very sharp and shiny!

Definitely prefer the old configuration


I totally agree it should be back to previous. It is unplayable for me too


Same… The graphics may also seem on a little worse quality. Even though I can set it to “best” my device frame rate drops more rapidly than setting the Older graphic settings to “medium”. I just prefer the older way, but I guess we shall get used to the new one.

Try to put the graphics on the highest setting, it just might be due to the fact the graphics are bad in general at the lowest setting, also what device are you running IF on? This is for everyone who is having the issue, also for everyone who has this problem, try to turn off the limit frame rate, that might help