Problems with the Live Server?

Hi … I have a problem with the live server … I do not know if it’s me, but my Live Server goes online every time during the simulator and also freezes the image … on Android systems … and does it more continuously from the last update … please can you help me with the situation … Thanks!

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Maybe trying to lower your settings or try to get better connection if at all possible.

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Your internet connection might not be so strong. Try to reset your router.

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Thanks for the welcome … but it’s not the internet … my internet says in the speed meter that it has 25 Mega upload and 10 Mega Download…I do not think it’s the internet … most of the time it does it in the hours of the afternoon … and more frequent after the update of these days …


Are you using cellular or WiFi?
If cellular, which service provider are you using?

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(Wi-fi) local cable sistem company

Try unplugging your router, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in, wait for the router to boot, and then possibly seeing if it works. :)

When you say that your device freezes the image… Are you referring to an app crash?

If so, what device and Version of Android are you currently using? It may be that your device isn’t property suited to run IF and is crashing continually.

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