problems with the graphics


my tablet is samsung galaxy tab s sm-t805,. i always set the texture at medium even before the update, as for the rending quality i don’t see big differences between “good” and “best” other than its gets very laggy on “best” however the “good” quality is more like the medium quality its actually not low, the low would be “fast”

and this is what i got:


Can you play smoothly with your tablet? what graphics configurations are you using after the update?


medium for texture and good/fast for rending quality,.

note i switch to fast rending quality when i am in a busy airport/airspace like london heathrow, i just finished a long flight from colombo to heathrow and i never experienced a show stopper so far, only when i got to Germany i started to get a slow lag which was mainly because of the many aircrafts flying around so from there i switched my rending quality from “good” to “fast” although there was a bit lag during landing obviously due to the fact that its a very busy airport and many people are on the ATC frequency as usual but other than that its smooth for me or at least better than before,.


Can you post some daytime screen shots when your on “fast”?


sure ^_^


Please continue in this thread.

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