problems with the graphics

Before updating 19.1 I was able to tweak every detail of the graphics and I was able to put it with the compatibility of my tablet (samsung tab A 2016), I know that it is not very good nor very updated,

but it’s what I have to play, with the update I can no longer adjust the details like anti-aliasing and I can not configure better, that is, or get great graphics that is impossible to play on my tablet, or it sucks the quality. Would you be able to return to the settings area just before the update? thankful


This section of the app was tweaked and optimized by the developers for several reasons. I’d love to elaborate more but essentially in order for the app to continue to progress some things were removed, modified or enhanced for a better overall experience and stability of the app across a diverse range of devices.


I miss it also. Better battery life


Whilst it may seem worse, you’ll find that your device will perform better using these presets… Trust me, it works!


I’m trying all possible combinations in the settings, but unfortunately I’m not even close to the performance before.

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Performance as in visual quality like high definition compared to standard definition or stability with lag, freezing, glitching etc.?



And it’s not turned off, it’s toned down. The further out you are from the aircraft, the less visible it is

I performed a test. Reinstalled an older version of the app and it seems its always been like that.

I meant “after” not before in terms of chipset. My bad.

After the upgrade, the lower settings such as “low” and “fast” continue to lock the screen much. That is, if in the lower configurations I can not play, the higher ones are impossible

@Kirito_77 I know that you have the device compatibility thread, any chance you can provide more insight and tips to help users get the best experience with 19.1? Not sure how much you have tinkered with 19.1 and older devices.

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Ooh. That’s a challenge. Errrrrr…

@Yan_Ramos1 with your tablet, you won’t get the most amazing performance anyways I’m afraid. As is with any new update, when new and updated content is added, your device may struggle to keep up.

I’ve personally found that the updated graphics have boosted the performance of my device significantly.

I have a couple of older phones and tablets that I’ll give a run with RTM to see if I have many issues. Also, if people could let me know if they’re having significant performance issues, we can look into it some more.

Only my Pixel and Razer phone are on 19.1, and the pixel is out of action due to Android Q. I’ll patiently await the update on others and ask a regular to update the thread accordingly


I’m still trying to improve the graphics, I’m even tweaking the tablet’s developer settings (I do not know if it will do any good)

Do not do that. Change the developer settings back to how they were. They are only there for people who know what they are doing and “developers”.

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In the development settings on that device, the most you can do to change graphics is to force 4x MSAA in OpenGL2 apps, which is pointless on IF as it’s an OpenGL3.0 app… Developer options often have the averse effect, slowing your device down and sometimes in the worst case scenario making your device unstable.


what is your android type? mine is android 6, the graphic settings seem better than before,.

I want to be able to turn off that antializing thing thats all so i can run on high otherwise i judt have to play woth a fuzzy screen and low quality. I’m not spending money on a new phone just for infinite flight

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1.6 Ghz processor; Exynos 7870 octa-core

RAM memory 3Gb

Could you elaborate more on the motivation behind the graphics change?

Before the update I was able to play if with good graphics and without many problems, after the update 19.1 changed the system to select the graphics, with this I can not activate / deactivate the anti-aliasing for example, I can not also configure the graph with more precision , my tablet can not run in the higher settings, and the lower settings have a poor quality to play. Apparently I’ll have to buy a new tablet