Problems with the forum

When I browse through posts, sometimes the page jumps like 100 posts in the direction that I swipe it. It’s really annoying because I lose them. Can you help me?

I could not find anything similar

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Are you using the app or browser and which phone?

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Safari, Ipad Air 2

I suggest using the scroll (the number highlighted in blue)

Hmm, are you using the fast scroller on the bottom right corner?

No, I just swipe with my finger and then the page jumps far away from the post I want

I dont use my iPad as much anymore maybe someone else can

It does that to me sometimes, I think it’s no bug and they did it on purpose to help scroll up faster.

I suspect you are acedently hitting the bar on the side I circled

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This also happens to me, i uave not found a way to avoid it though…

This sometimes happens to me on my IPod, even though there is no scroll bar 🤨

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