Problems with the Features Category

The Features Category has problems.

In my time on the forums, almost a year now, I’ve noticed a few key problems with the features category. It’s no coding error, or website glitch, it’s a problem with the community. On the features category, there’s too much negativity that stems from a few different problems.

The Major Problems

  1. Saying a request shouldn’t be voted for because it’s not the request that you want

    • This one is simple enough, if you don’t want a request, ignore it. This happens not only on the feature request, but whenever the Devs do a poll for a new aircraft.

    • The solution, ignore those request. If you go on the request you don’t want, and leave a reply, all you’re doing is bumping that request. Instead, go bump the request that you want.

  2. Using real life facts to prove an aircraft is bad and should be in IF

    • This one is also very simple. Infinite Flight is a simulator, and nothing else. We don’t have to worry about running an airline, or the cost of fuel. We don’t have to worry if we can fly an aircraft in an area due to noise restrictions. Again, it’s just a simulator, and we can do things that were never done in real life.

    • The solution is the same as the previous problem, just ignore. When you post all these facts or reasons it was a failure in real life, all you’re doing is bumping that request. So instead, ignore it, and go bump the request that you want.

  3. Being demanding/upset the requested feature isn’t in the game

    • This is rude and uncalled for. This comes from posting on a request thread, or making a whole new thread, about being upset at community members or developers for not adding what you want into IF.

    • Solution, don’t do it. It’s not going to help, and it just causes the staff to have another problem to deal with. If you really want a a request added in, keep bumping it, and hopefully it gains enough traction to be added in. But, there is a difference between saying “I hope this is added!” And saying “The devs are dumb for not adding this in!!!”

Those are our major problems, but there’s a few others…

  1. Being rude if the Feature Request isn’t the best it could be

    • If the feature request isn’t the best, then provide constructive criticism on how to fix it. Don’t just say things like, “this post could be better.” Instead provide example or reasons on how they could be better.
  2. Multiple members telling the poster their post is a duplicate

    • Simply, if someone has already told the OP that the request is a duplicate, there’s no need to tell them it again. If two do it on accident, the first one should stay. This also applies to the support category, as @JRRaviation pointed out. If you don’t have something new to add, don’t repeat what others have said.

These are the problems I’ve noticed in the Feature Request. Hopefully as a community, a family, we can all come together and create a nicer, friendlier, features community!

Please keep all comment relavent to the topic.

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This does belong in Meta, it’s about the website


To be honest, it’s more than just that. People are very condescending, but we can’t control that. We should all just be nice to each other, as we are all related through our passion of aviation. It disturbs me that so many people think they own the forum, when in reality, they just want to comment on every topic, for ehm, “popularity”

Enjoy my 2 cents.


This goes for the support catergory too. If someone is already helping the person needing support, you don’t need to paraphrase exactly what they just said. Don’t be check mark hungry…


I fully agree.

Yea, some will notice if you post on everything, but more with notice when you don’t post on everything, but when you do, you say something with meaning behind it.

And there will always be negativity, but we can do our best to control it


To quote the Marriott commercial they play over and over on Delta:

“Wouldn’t it be nice if mankind were made up of kind women and kind men”


That’s the thing. We can’t really “ban” people for being rude to someone. It’s a free forum. It’s hard to control this kind of thing.


I get what you mean there, not necessarily saying we “ban” it. As I stated, we’ll never fully be able to get rid of it. I’m just trying to bring to the communities attention so of the things that have been happening, so hopefully they catch themselves doing this, before they post it.

Yes we can, and we do if it’s a recurring issue.


I completely agree with you… even if I might fit in the first catagory you posted :) ill try my best to get better at that. But none of my replies are rude at least :) anyway yeah this is definitely something people should take into consideration

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Same here, I’m guilty of it, and I think almost everyone has fallen into one of these.

I disagree.

Is this a problem of the features category or a problem of each individual user? I think the latter. Every user can do whatever they want with the request if it is allowed. Not really a problem of the category itself.

But then the feature requests become those title only posts with a picture and nothing else. More elaborated ones are much better quality and overall a good idea in my pinion. It might not be useful, but still.

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I understand where you’re coming from.

First one, it’s not so much people can’t atay their opinions, it’s more that if you come on, and post saying it dumb, or using real world facts to show t was a bad aircraft, you’re doing the opposite of your goal. That goal being to have your aircraft added and not that one. When you post in the request you don’t want added, it bumps the thread, bringing it to the top of the page, and then it gets more popularity.

It would be better for you to just bump the aircraft you want added instead of trying to discourage others from voting for that aircraft.

Second one, yes I’m all for letting someone know they’re Feature Request is lacking, but doing it in a professional fashion, such as giving them tips on how to improve it, rather than just saying “this request is bad”

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I know, but I don’t see how that’s an inherent problem with the category itself. Guess what, if someone is doing something dumb Darwin will do his thing. Not a reason to be concerned.
Plus, what are you going to do to stop it? Ban comments saying the request isn’t a good one?

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Oh the #features category I haven’t look at that for a year now. Muting category’s is great that and the VAs since then my life has been much happier.

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Obviously I can’t. I’m just trying to bring attention some of the stuff I see, and it’s mostly in Features. Hopefully if it gets noticed, the amount of times we see it go down.

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We should get IFCFCRB

They have to approve every #features post

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I totally agree, especially when people like me forget that there may be someone else who has recently posted the same feature requests. @Qantas737guy

So personally if I was a moderator I would consider this. 👍


All the requester needs is just to take a few moments to search instead of having someone else to do it for him/her.

I have been through some topics for a while and what Mr Colin says here is absolutely true.

This should be made a banner in the forum! (Just kidding… of course everything that he says is shown by the Discobot the first time, but people tend to forget to ignore it for they need what want badly)

The problem not only comes from people who hunt the forum for a duplicate and show on their faces. If the requester had already searched that, this could be avoided. But people are… kind of lazy or they don’t do that for whatever reason.

It is so difficult for moderators to keep an eye on all the features and comments too. It’s a matter of asking we members ourselves, “Am I doing the right thing in a right way?”, that would solve these troubles.

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I’ve seen alot of people mistake them for being rude when all they are is just stating their opinion on the topic. Of course, it should be done in a civilized manner; as some people get really heated over small things. But thats what the forum is about at the end of the day discussing things related to IF. Just because someone has a conflicting thought/opinion compared to your’s doesn’t mean you need to ban them.

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