Problems with the airports? Or was there a glitch?

Hi. So I was doing a flight for my VA from CYQR-CYWG. Everything was fine until about when I was 5 minutes away from CYWG. The airport layout was not there and as I got lower toward the ground it started to go black and glitch heavily… I tried to land at another airport around CYWG but it also wasn’t there so I started to head towards CYQT but then I decided to head towards KMSP thinking it would have to be there… I was coming into KMSP realizing everything looked the same as it did near CYWG… As I got lower the ground did the same thing, it started to turn black. My plane also started to spaz out along with my Altitude ALG was just going crazy… I hope this can be resolved or I could know what was wrong… :(


Have you tried clearing the scenery cache? (Settings -> General -> Scroll down to “Clear Scenery Cache” and click it.)

Also, make sure that you have updated Infinite Flight to the latest version and that you have a strong, stable internet connection during your flight(s).


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