Problems with the Airport Selection Page

Hi again. So I run my device on iOS, and I just got the update a couple of days ago. The A320 looks amazing, by the way! Thanks devs! But as I updated the airports and regions, I got a bit annoyed with the update. See, the old update at KLAX for example had the Terminals, then gate numbers.

ex. (Terminal x Gate x)
Terminal 8 Gate 1
Terminal 8 Gate 3 or
TBIT Gate 120

Well, the new update just has

Parking: 3
Parking 5

It was much nicer when we (the pilots) were able to know which terminal we would be able to spawn into (TBIT or Terminal 3 or Terminal 7) It is really helpful, especially for those of us that like to be as realistic as possible by spawning into the correct terminals. If the airport editing “squad” could bring back that helpful little feature, it would be much appreciated!! And, while we are on the subject, could airports that never had Terminal and Gate designations be rewritten to include terminal numbers as well. Thanks to the airport editing people for all they do. The airports continue looking better and better!

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You know that gate 33 for example would be terminal 3 gate 33 or gate 73 would be terminal 7 gate 73 right?

Hmmm… I didn’t actually… But gate 204 then?

Maybe the remote stands?

Although from an organizational viewpoint, it is also much easier to have the terminals in order then gates.

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Well my point is that it would be helpful to know what those are.

Yeah that’s true

I liked the way it was before too

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I haven’t looked yet (currently overseas and haven’t got the update yet) but if the terminal names / numbers have disappeared that will be extremely annoying! I found it to be one of the more useful aspects of IF!

Yes they have, unfortunately. Only gate numbers now, which seem very disorganized. However, there is now new (or more specific) CARGO terminal points. So if the airport team could just combine the terminal numbers with the new cargo points, KLAX would be great!

One of the devs just commented another similar thread saying it’ll be fixed shortly without the need for a new version release.


Useful feedback, thanks :)

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Yes the look of the airports have greatly improved, all well done to all involved in updating.

Agree the change of being able to select the terminal than gate number rather than having to work it out from the gate number is greatly missed and am glad it’s being reinstated.

Literally it’s just airport editors giving names to spawn points. That’s why there could be typos every now and then. We surveyed the community on what a good standard for spawn points / gates could be, and it looks like Terminal X Gate Y was the final decision. Easier to sort through and organize anyway.


Agree that T then gate is better selection ( I added my vote to the poll!)

Great discussion guys! Thanks you!

I will update KLAX later today with format T1 G11 -Apron 11 for consistency. This will make all of the Terminal spawn points at the bottom of the list as a consequence instead of at the top. With 100+ gates at KLAX this is quite a list to scroll through. This is the reason why I started cataloging ALL Bravo airports on my web page as an interim solution until IF has a more permanent one. I am sure Philippe has a solution to this in the future meanwhile I am happy to provide this view in the interim.

I would like to be the first to state that I am no expert in aviation. I am a data geek who has experience in CAD design and an unpaid volunteer. I am here to help where I can to do my part in the IF community. Your humble servant 😀

I don’t think that scrolling through the gates is that much of a problem. The terminal, gate, apron system gives better organization which helps when scrolling anyway. Thanks for all the information!