Problems With the A380 Auto Pilot

For some strange reason the A380 I fly has some odd problems with the AP. When I want to to cruise at Mach 0.8 it’s airspeed is somehow STILL at about 160 knots. Then,the altitude and VS. When I want to stay at 35,000 feet,it stays at about 28,000,and the climb rate is excruciatingly slow,even at 5,000 ft/min(not like I do that all the time). And you know what,with the engines at full power to trying to get to the wanted speed,I waste 2% of my fuel every 10 minutes. I can barely fly from maybe Frankfurt to Los Angeles at this rate. And the biggest problem is trying to land. I get all lined up with the runway,get ATC to clear me,when the A380 starts either does a nose dive or just stalls. In the former,I got 3 speed violations within 15 seconds. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Whoa! That’s very steep, there’s your problem. Usually climb at around 1200ft - 2000ft/min above 10,000ft.
You might want to step climb, as the A380 gets heavy, so you need to burn some fuel before continuing you climb


Adding on to what @Panther said, you should also fly at M .85, that is the usual cruise speed for the A380.

No,just to see if my plane will climb,as it keeps losing altitude with the slow speed,I used 5,000 f/pm.

That is because your plane is to heavy…

Well,I usually load up my plane with fuel for long flights,so you’re probably right.

That isn’t quite needed, you can easily do LAX to Frankfurt without max fuel :)
I do hong hauls every day, and from personal experience i can tell you that even a 16h flight doesn’t need full tanks.

The only time i have full tanks are on NZAA - OTHH flight which i rarely do.

The A380 can make long hauls without having to fill up the tank to full but still, you shouldn’t be climbing to FL350 right away for a long flight lie yours. Unless your were doing a short flight like.

  1. Bangkok - Osaka
  2. Seoul - Narita

Which in those two flights i will say, climb to FL360/FL380 right away but now in your case you’re quite heavy and need to stay at a lower altitude for a period of time before you can climb further. This is to save fuel.


Thanks for the advice! Can a mod close this now?


Highly suggest reading through the “Step Climbing Tutorial” that Panther linked. It has resolved a lot of “issues and misunderstandings” in regards to long haul flights. Feel free to direct further questions/concerns to that topic. 🙂