Problems with the 787 (Solved)

Hello IFC. Today I was realy excited because I was going to do the FNF. I reluctantly chose the 787 10. I dont like the 787. The aircraft took a LONG time navigate the fixes. So long that there was hard banks, all this brought down the speed. So one minute I was going M 0.85, next minute I’m at 220 knots. These were the 2 main problems I experinced. I returned to JFK. I dont know why this happend and if someone could help me that would be Gr8.

Also if this should go in #support, let me know ;)

This has been solved. The aircraft was struggling with lift because I went 4000 fpm!

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How heavy were you? Load?
Climb rate?

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I’ve never had an issues, adding on to @Andre_S maybe you have balance issues, or something along that lines. I’ve flown the 787 family tones. Now the worst imo is the 78X but the whole family has the best physics per say, for the older model aircraft:)


How high were you?

Not sure how to check.



Ah, maybe you were too heavy for FL400. Try step-climbing.

4000 fpm might be too much…

But I had auto pilot problems taking a long time to turn

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Hmmm…maybe your weight?

I was under the MLW

Thats very confusing. Sorry can’t help you, not familiar enough with the 787.

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Would yous like the replay

A strong climb rate, slowing aircraft and turns, takes a major toll on speed

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Yeah, that might help.

4000fpm is ridiculous to climb above standard cruising altitudes. No wonder you stalled. I climb 2500 until 10,000ft, then 1800 until about 30,000ft, finishing off with 1200 above fl300.

I’ve climbed at 1800 fpm until cruise in a 787 for an experiment. I easily stalled.


Yeah, I do 2600 to FL100, then 2000 to FL200, then 1500 to FL300, and then 1000 FL300+

Do yous still want the replay

Initial problem is the rate of your climb, but the replay would be nice to have,

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I think we’re okay. In the future, don’t climb at 4000 FPM, and try to stepclimb instead of going straight up to FL400. This is likely why your autopilot was struggling as well.


I dont get why the climb affects the performance.

Btw, I will not be linking the replay as it looks and sounds like thanks to you people it was my rate of clime.

Because it was. No commercial aircraft regularly climbs at 4000 feet per minute.

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