Problems with the 777-300 fuel

I was flying today from Dubai to New York (JFK) with Emirates 777-300 the estimated flight time was 13 hours and I put 17 hours of fuel. When I was flying over St. Johns in Canada my fuel ran out

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How fast (and high) were you flying? Anything over M 0.84 will result in huge fuel burns.

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Mach 0.83 @AndrewWu

How high then?

FL360 @AndrewWu

I have never had such a fuel issue with the 77W. 17 hours is actually like a lot of fuel. Did you have flaps extended? What was your payload

You should’ve been totally fine. Did you have your flight spoilers extended by any chance?

Same here.

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I was without extended flaps And I don’t remember what my load was

why don’t you share a replay, it will help us figure out what’s happening.

It’s possible the load could have been the issue. The speed sounds fine, altitude is a smidge high for that route, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Headwinds have never caused me to run out of fuel, especially with how much you put in, so I don’t think that was it either.

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I just saw that I put 362 passengers and 17 tons of cargo😬

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even if you maxed out passengers and cargo you would’ve been fine. can you share the replay?

That is heavy, but not run-out-of-fuel heavy, that’s pretty average ish I’d say.

So only one thing I could have achieved without wanting to touch the fuel dump button😣

Uhhh… what?
Little confused lol
Are you saying you dumped fuel, because that would be… important to know 😂

I delete all replay . But maybe I accidentally played it, but I don’t think

Just tested it on solo. Using the information you gave, the estimated fuel is 12:00. In addition, the plane is struggling to maintain altitude. When this heavy with the 77W next time, use FL320 or FL340.


Ok thanks @AndrewWu and @Suhas

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Headwind and load. High N1 = High fuel burn

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Wow it probably must have been the wind