Problems with taxi lines & 3D objects

Hello, since the 21.1 update, and now also on 21.2, I’ve got 2 persistent problems which are to do with graphics / performance…

  1. When taxiing all of the yellow lines are being “painted” dynamically about 10 meters in front of the aircraft. So the lines are there in a faint yellow initially, but as I move they change to a bright yellow continuously like they are being painted. The effect follows the direction of the aircraft and applies to all lines ahead of the nose, including those curving to the left and right (ie at a junction all 3 yellow lines ahead of the aircraft are “being painted”.)

This occurs at all airports, even completely empty ones in the middle of nowhere.

2). 3D objects like vehicles, trolleys etc, often do not appear… Instead there are shadows in their place… I’m aware that restarting the app seems to solve this, but. sometimes when flying between 2 3D airports this isn’t possible.

Both of these issues impact the realism negatively, so I hope a fix can be found going forwards…

Device : Samsung Galaxy SE20 FE 4G / OS: Android 11 / All settings on high, 3D objects set to high, airplane count very high.


Hello, these issues have been reported already and the devs are aware of them and are working on a fix. Thanks for the report 🙂

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Ok thanks, do you have a link that shows where and when the devs acknowledged these issues?


Good morning,
I don’t think it is your device, I think it is just a bug in the IF scenery and aircraft’s. I garentee that Devs are fixing these.

The 3D buildings issue is something we’re actively working on.

Not too sure about the taxi lines though, i can double check :)

The taxi lines issue is a side effect of better textures everywhere else.


Screenshot attached. Same thing. It looks like the taxi line is “layering” upon itself. Almost like it’s buffering lol.

Yeah it really does!

It’s a side effect gone too far! It’s very distracting and kills off a lot of the reality illusion.

I really ask the devs to prioritise fixing this please.

There are a few other issues that are much higher on the list for the time being I’m afraid. Like 3D buildings not appearing at all for example…


I am experiencing this also with the taxi lines. Samsung Tab S7 graphics on high. Please fix this "its a side affect of better graphics in general " or something like that is an unacceptable answer. Its very distracting

Don’t get me wrong here, but for something that is very distracting and seems to be a big issue for some… how come it’s not being mentioned until now? It’s been a month or so since 21.1 was released.

It’s the truth in this case. Sorry to hear you find that unacceptable.


Agreed sometimes i can barely make out the lines especially at night as if it wasn’t difficult before

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This may be related, but I also often see the white centre lines moving on runways and kind of over laying on top of each other.

These things are important because they ruin the sense of being in the real world, and that’s a critical aspect of a sim such as IF.

I personally have been quite busy and just trying to enjoy the new 3D buildings and hoping that improvements would come. But clearly the issue needed raising… Maybe other users have been busy too… ? Perhaps more will be encouraged by this to say if they are experiencing the issues also.

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Not arguing with what you’re experiencing here, even if i personally disagree with it being a critical or even major issue :)

My primary concern here is that we offer an open beta that ran for quite some time, then another month passes and we even release 21.2 - then someone reports this and I’m somewhat getting the feeling that some feels like this issue is the end of world and expects it to be a priority.

Of course we will make sure to log this and have a look at it when appropriate though, that’s a given :)

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The sense of motion and feeling of realistic passing through the environment in an aircraft is surely the most fundamental element of a good flight sim. So anything that disrupts those senses and feelings is a big problem!

I suggest we try to determine the extent of the issue and get an idea of how many devices it may be affecting. Exactly when it’s reported in time doesn’t really matter, it’s reported now.

I got my new device before 21.1, and it was super smooth with no graphical problems prior to the update, so I was disappointed. I still love the new buildings and was being patient thinking a fix might come anyway.

It matters a lot for a great many reasons, but no need to continue down that road :)

Both of the issues you mentioned have been logged and will be fixed when it’s possible to do so. Some issues requires a lot more work than one might expect, especially when it comes to how various elements are rendered.

Thank you for reporting this though, since it’s not been noted earlier :)

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