Problems with subscriptions

So I am just returning to Infinite Flight, and realized that there is loads of cool new stuff, like new planes with animations, and was super stoked to play. I bought the month subscription for 10 bucks and I cancelled it so it wouldn’t keep on billing me if I decided to stop playing and the App Store said I could still acces the subscription until one month is up. So guess what happens when I load up infinite flight again: multiplayer flight will not load and it tells me I “do not have any current subscriptions”. I would appreciate any help

When did you buy this subscription?

Try to restore purchases, press the ‘I already have a subscription’ button.

If that doesn’t work, try to reinstall IF and/or restart your device
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If restoring purchases doesn’t work, I’m 99.9% sure the next step will be to contact support staff or @schyllberg with

  • Display name
  • callsign
  • copy of purchase receipt
    (Wait for staff to confirm)

31st of July at about 5:00pm Perth time

Thank you for all of the help. I appreciate it a lot. I will try restoring it.