Problems with sound

Hello Dear Infinite Flight!

I’m faced with such a problem that I periodically lose engine sounds during the flight. But there’s a sound when commands are given from air traffic controllers. This is not the first time that the sound suddenly disappears. Of course, the sound comes back when I restart the game. But when the sound disappears in the middle of a long flight, I don’t want to restart the game. But despite all my efforts to solve the problem during the flight, I couldn’t get my sound back.


No, I turn off all notifications and I didn’t have any calls.

I’m playing on my iPhone and silent switch is on.

Hey there!

So sorry to hear this is happening to you.

Please can I know this

  • When did this start happening?


Hey! This happens with me. It used to happen when I would connect my airpods to my phone. I could hear it without the headphones, but then when I connected them, it stopped working.
I can still hear the ATC and it resets when I close the flight.

About two weeks, but it doesn’t always happen, but periodically. Yesterday everything was fine, and today the sound disappeared.

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So this doesn’t seem to be an isolated issue.

Here are a few suggestions that I can offer.

  • Reinstal Infinite Flight
  • Make sure everything is set to loud
  • Make sure Do not disturb is off
  • Restart your device
  • Make sure no music etc is playing in the background that can cause IF to mute itself

If those don’t seem to work then please post here or contact Infinite Flight Support here


Try this.

Delete IF, but first back up all your replays to save those.

Restart your device.

Then redownload IF and start up a flight and let us know if that continues to happen

Also what device are you using?

Okay, I’ll try to reinstall. But maybe after reinstalling, there won’t be any problems, the main thing is that the sound doesn’t disappear again after a while.

iPhone 6s Plus

Usually a fresh instal clears up all the problems so hopefully it works for you.

this used to me all the time, its when you get a notification something happens and I lose sound, turn on do not disturb during your flights and your issue should be solved

Ok cool it is a bit of an older device but it can still run IF so that should not be the problem

Thank you for your support!

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No worries! Please keep me updated on what happens and I will try and help you

IF u have Silent Switch on u cant hear anything. Make sure it is off

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I use an IPhone 6s as well, wonder if it has something to do with that model?

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It is highly unlikely but it cannot be ruled out just yet

I deleted the game, restarted my phone, installed the latest iOS update. Then I installed the game, now all the sounds are there.

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