Problems with simbrief

I’m having problems with simbrief because it gives me a flight plan with waypoints on the other side of the world. What do I do since it assigns me an altitude for each waypoint.

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Have you tried using The issue with Simbrief is that there are still a lot of waypoints not in/in the wrong place in our Navigation Database (In Infinite Flight). will convert those waypoints to compatable waypoints/coordinates in IF.

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Well,it happens sometimes,just delete that waypoint and you’ll be ok.

Sometimes it accidentally gives you duplicates, all you have to do is delete it in your fpl, also if you want a very accurate realistic fpl I recommend using flightaware. Anyways happy flying

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That’s exactly what it does. The waypoints are on the other side of the world.

What flight is this for?

Montreal to London

This is because there are duplicate waypoints in the system. All ya have to do is go into the flight plan, click the incorrect waypoint and click the - button ;)

What about the assigned altitude?

just go with the next waypoint’s assigned altitude. Pretend like it doesn’t exist.

CYUL TAMKO 4725N/7247W 4734N/7243W 5000N/7130W ROBBE SPOTE FOXXE HOIST 5700N/5000W 5800N/4000W 5800N/3000W 5700N/2000W PIKIL SOVED NIBOG KELLY CASEL 5347N/404W PENIL 5336N/337W 5328N/319W WAL EKLAD 5310N/238W NANTI 5307N/230W NUGRA TOBID SOPIT 5151N/058W BNN EGLL

Aircraft: B777-200ER
ETA: 5:59
Fuel: 43482 kgs
Flight Level: 39000

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It doesn’t give me that.

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