problems with screen recording

hi guys! so, i read a post about how to screen record with I.O.S because i have an iPad and would like to screen record to post on my youtube channel. The post showed the directions which i followed correctly, but the record didn’t work for me. The recorder was using quick time player and i followed all the directions, i got to the part where you click on the arrow and click your iPad, but my iPad wasn’t an option, in fact no devices were, and the usb, cord was plugged in. i have an iPad 3 so it still uses the old apple charger, (same as the iPhone 4) in the pictures he shows, it pictures the arrow being right next to the “record” button, but with mine it shows the arrow, to the far right, i am extremely disappointed and confused, can someone help me! thx


Can you show us pictures of the steps you took.

Hey Ian,
What software are you running on your iPad and Mac? Also, keep in mind that this has nothing to do with Infinite Flight, since there is no official way to screen record on iOS just yet. If you can’t find help here, just know that this isn’t an Infinite Flight problem, this is an Apple problem, and you can take this to the Apple Store where Apple Genius bar Specialists can help you sort things out! For now, make sure you’re connected properly and you started a "New Movie Recording"

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