Problems with replay files

Hi, some of my newer replay files are not working - every time I try to skip through my game crashes and I am not able to watch them. It also gives me this pink message. Is there any way to fix this?

The only way I can skip through is to click the +15 seconds, but it’s can take hours to reach the landing part on 10 hour flights. Every time I try to drag the little white line across the bar the game crashes.

Hey there!

The reason your app crashes when you try to use the slider is because, you look closely, your timeline marker is at the very end - and the reason for that is there’s a bunch of app discontinuities (you can see these on the left side of your screen) before any real action happens - the automatic tuning to the ATIS frequency at your departure airport.

I wouldn’t be able to tell you how much they add up to exactly without actually looking at the replay, but my guess is a couple of thousand years (based on experience with a previous, similar case). Infinite Flight was simply not built to handle this sort of weird exceptions, mainly because they’re not meant to be happening in the first place.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to rescue this replay in particular. Once that’s recorded to the replay, it cannot be removed in any way, and the replay is pretty much gone for good. Sorry about that :/

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Thank you. Is there any way I can prevent the app discontinuities or whatever is causing this so it doesn’t happen the next time I fly. I have never got that problem before it just started happening with my replay file form my flight yesterday and now with this one today, so I’m curious what I might be doing wrong.

And also, what does app discontinuity mean, like me being inactive or something like that?

I’ve bought up this issue several times here on the forum in past week:

It is still an ongoing issue for me.

And no one seem to have a solution for it.
No one want to get a disputed violation only to find the replay file is corrupted.

That’s weird, I thought it was something only on my device, I didn’t know other people experienced it too. I hope they fix it soon I want to see my landings :(

Known bug. Read attachment below

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Thank you :)