Problems with pushback

Yesterday I went to try my first flight with the B757. The problem came when I hit the push button. The plane simply did not do the Pushback, as the picture shows.

And today I went to do my second flight with the A330, and at the time of the Pushback, just as on the first flight, the plane even started the Pushback, but as I turned the plane to hit it in the taxiway, it slowed to a halt complete. In that the airplane did not finish the Pushback and was outside the taxiway. The same problem occurred with the B787.

Medium-sized airplanes are pushing normally. It seems the problem only occurs on the B757 up.

If you need my device data, I use a Moto G4 Play with Android 6.

Thanks for listening.


Hi there,

There are a few support threads for the 757 however the 787 and A330 sounds odd since I use them the most. Try lowering your weight and be patient once you press pushback. Try to record this if you can as well since that would help with trying to figure this one out.


Known issue. Change your weight of your aircraft. Will be fixed in a future version.


Also, Adding to what Chris said. Try not to turn sharply in heavier aircraft.


The 757 but the 787 and 330 seem to be something else. If you try to turn the nose gear too sharp then that will impede movement.


Sorry didnt see that part.

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Friend, sorry if I repeated topics. It turns out that my English is not fluent, but back to the problem, this has started since the update of Global. Before I never had that problem. In the case of the 757, I waited a few minutes and nothing. In the case of the other planes mentioned, it is they to lose speed totally when making the curve to hit in the taxiway.

But again, I beg pardon if I repeated topic.

There is a defect with pushing back in the 757 where if your weight is too high you do not move.

Do you have a video of your other issue. It sounds like it pushes back but you are saying while turning it slows down? If so, then other planes may need a little more thrust to get them moving, especially with higher weight. Also try to not turn sharply. Straighten the gear and then turn slower.

Yes, I had thought of that, and I even applied that reasoning, but I did not get good results. The problem persisted.

No worries, we’re here to help you. Like mentioned above, when you rotate your nose gear left and right this will decrease your speed so you may have to increase throttle or turn less sharp in some instances.

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Okay. Thanks everyone for the comments. 👍

Just remember that before Global the aircraft weights were less in most cases due to the fuel loads and the developers work real hard on aircraft physics so this is something that you will have to adapt to ;)

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Well … to be honest, I had not thought of that yet. 😌

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The 757 will be more difficult, right? Being that, as I said, he does not even start Pushback.

Thank you for your attention, my friend.

Yea the 757 issues have been brought up for quite sometime. That aircraft just needs some extra care when you use it in the simulator.


I just tried the 757 and have the same problem, it notes starts push back then no movement. I have made several attempts.
I am using Turbo 2 andriod verison 7. The current solution has not worked for me. I have tried lowering the weight hit the pushback button and waited 5 minutes and no movement. I have gone through the cycle twice. I know the developers will work on this. I have patience to wait, in the meantime I will use other planes. Thanks for all you do.

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Read the previous posts in this topic and you’ll have a solution…