Problems with PM'ing people that need to be fixed

Ever notice how annoying a long PM chat can get? If you dont know what I am talking about, the same rules apply to PM’ing someone as if you are replying to them on an actual topic. Some examples are the “You need at least 10 characters” or “Body seems unclear”, but I think you should be able to respond with “OK” or “Yeah”, it is a PM after all. Another thing that I think is flawed about the system is the like limit. Why does it apply for PM? It honestly makes absolutely zero sense to me. If these were removed, it would make PM’ing way easier!


oh okay, that makes sense, but what about the others? For instance if I want to reply with “Yeah” and it says try the heart button, it kind of cancels each other out

But in PM likes and replies dont count…right?

Well you can either leave the PM, or make that chat as long as you like :)

But the maximum amount of replies before the system closes it is 500 replies so keep that in mind.

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Yeah i also got that but not sure if the likes in your summary go up…

Easy way to test…

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Private Messages (and replying to threads) is not a chat room. You should be able to at least use 10 characters in a PM response.

Instead of saying OK, say "Ok I will do ______ " and say what it is. Or “Yeah that sounds good”. With long threads it is hard to know exactly what is being replied to so anything you can do to help avoid confusion is great!


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