Problems with Planes when on ground!

hi there! new here:p

i recently restarted playing Infinite flight and when i was taxiing trying to turn, it wasnt turning! i could see the yoke turning but nothing would happen! it is only when on ground, when flying it turns ok. help plz? maybe because the developpers are working on the app?

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Use the rudder, labeled “RUD” when taxiing.

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You should use the rudder on ground, not the Yoke. :)

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An airplane isn’t steered in the same way as a car. :) The yoke turns the airplane in the air, but not on the ground. Pilots have rudder pedals to steer the nose wheel. :)

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You can find that under the autopilot on the right hand side of the screen!

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alrighty everyone thanks !:) i tought about the rud but before i could of use the yoke to taxi, I guess it changed IDK Ahah! but thanks everyone!:) will use the rud!

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You can use the Yoke on the ground if you turn “Auto-Coordination” setting ON.

Not really IRL, IRL they use tje thing on the left hand of the pilot

You’re right and wrong. The tiller is used for operating the nose wheel in a 80-degree radius, as opposed to the rudder pedals’ 8-9 degrees. I was just trying to simplify it for our new friend. ;)


you saved my life ahah thanks everyone for helping ! :) it will now be easier to taxi and to go straight on the runway!

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