Problems with my statistics

On Tuesday, when the 20.3 was released, I did not have an active subscription in IF to fly online, at the time of purchasing the subscription, I could not link my old IFC account (I deleted it to create this one), on a device I could occupy the subscription without problem but without my account, and in another I had my account with my statistics but without sub, it should be noted that both devices have the same Play Store account. After having problems, I decided to request a refund of the subscription, for today to be able to purchase it again, but I still have the same problem, I can occupy the subscription but I do not have my statistics, it is all in 0.

Did you try to reset your device?

If you did that and nothing works contact a staff member or Moderater.

If it’s a new IFC account you linked to IF, I don’t believe your stats would disappear, because I think your stats are linked to the account (I think it’s a play store account) your sub was purchased on.

If your stats reset like that after rebuying your sub, I would recommend doing a few patterns or a short 5 flight. If that doesn’t update it, fully close IF, then reopen it. That should make your stats update.

Hope this helps!

Please forgive me if this is incorrect, I portably missed something in 20.2. 😂

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