Problems with my sim

i turned it on after taking off and instead of turning right it went straight

Are you sure that you are activating NAV, not HDG?

NAV is the one in the bottom left corner of the autopilot menu.

the circled one right??

Yeah, click the button you circled, and it should have six buttons. One for the AP On/Off, SPD, HDG, VS, NAV, and ALT. Do you see that?

yes so when i click that it should automatically turn itself

Which button(s) are you clicking? Which one(s) of the six buttons are illuminated?

i hit the a/p and it automatically connected except for heading which doesn’t control itself

You have to connect that yourself, just clicking A/P won’t activate NAV.

Try tapping the separate NAV button in the bottom left of the autopilot menu, the one I previously mentioned with 6 buttons on it.

can you send a screenshot of the nav button

when i hit the nav the plane turns the wrong direction

It may be because you are off-course, so the plane will turn in the most convenient direction to get back on track.

At this point, it may be best to watch some of the tutorials on the Infinite Flight YouTube channel, or the tutorials in the #tutorials category here on the forum, because there are some pretty helpful tutorials regarding this.

Here’s a very good one: Navigating Infinite Flight - YouTube

thanks so when i activate the leg is the first waypoint supposed to show

Usually, if your flight plan is correct, it will activate on its own. But, in some cases, you will have to manually do it.

In your case, I cannot exactly diagnose what is happening, but it seems to be either you are off-course, activating the wrong leg, not turning on NAV, or it may just be a bug.

Make sure it says source is GPS

okay thanks for the help

how do i land with know when to start descending

when do i know when to start descending

Here are some helpful tutorials:

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