Problems with my grade

I have a problem with violations and with my grade, last night my plane stall and I crashed, that gives me 1 violations, with a total of 3, but half an hour ago, it appears to me that I am grade 1and i have 6 violations, i have a event in 30 min, please, if anybody can helps me.

Thank you!

was it a system glitch? Unless it was, the violations are on you

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You received one violation on one flight and then 5 more about an hour ago. You can see the violations on your logbook and review the replays as needed to see what happened.

Violations will fall off in time.


Could you send a screenshot of your log table?

It is a system failure.

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Can you send a picture of the logbook please?

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Sure, give me a minute.

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I know, but those 5 violations appeared senseless, I was going at an adequate speed, and they appeared on the screen, I ended up leaving the flight, they could not stop, I slowed down to 140kts

Do you remember the speed that you were going?

The speed limit under FL100 is 260 KIAS

It was at 245 Kts.

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A violation should look like this in the logbook.

Dude, yes, I am grade 4, I know where I can see that.

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Continuing in a PM.

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