Problems with liveries

Why are liveries that come with missing logos and some wrong textures always treated as a form of non-priority? Using as an example the KLM Orange Pride that was just missing a logo on the side of it that took almost (if not) a year to fix a simple logo? that he already had it ready on the other side of the plane?

There are some livery-related bugs that I reported a long time ago that have not been fixed until today, I understand that the team can prioritize other things of greater importance for the evolution of the simulator, and maybe it will be treating the painting problems as a non-priority thing for the moment, but the question I ask is, when is it time for this to be a priority? when a bunch of people flood social media with messages asking for livery correction? I know that a missing logo or wrong texture does not affect the simulator. but from my point of view it just snowballs into a big snowball over time and when you look all over the place there’s one mistake, and you’re always waiting for another mistake and another

I listed more than 10 problems, and I believe there are many others that I don’t remember, I see the devs always fixing small bugs with each update, I ask you to pay a little more attention to the liveries, because if you like it or not, they are the ones who are everywhere bringing the simulator to life, I know you can’t fix it all at once, but maybe a little bit per app update, or when you release a new plane or new liveries…

A320-200 Azul

A330-300 Oman Air

B737-800 Avelo

B737-800 Transavia

B737-800 Pegasus

  • The shade of yellow is wrong, in the IF it is a burnt yellow, while in reality it is a brighter yellow
  • Gray color absent in engines

B777-300 KUWAIT

B777-200F ANA/Ethiopian

B777-200LR Ethiopian

B777-300 Qatar

A330-900 Azul


  • Three types of different textures in different liverys, I believe the first is the right one



  • Incorrect cockpit mask in the companies listed below.
    There is no mask model like this one that is incorrect in reality
  • Air Belgium
  • Air Mauritius
  • Corsair
  • hifly
  • TAP


I may be wrong, but I think this is for copyright reasons!

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I know the can’t add the belly logo to Avelo due to the way the 737 is built in the sim but the rest of the issues like wrong color engines no RR logo and belly logos on the A330 and 777 as well as the mask issues on the A339 should all be fixed soon

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which do you refer to?

So, I had read a while ago here, that Transavia could not be added because of that, but here we are, he joined the sim a little while ago

Some liveries have been added more recently than certain other liveries on the same aircraft, hence a different livery texture

Returning to the subject of the mask on the A339, it is sad to know that we have two models of it in the IF and those that are wrong are not corrected, this mask in a straight line does not exist.


Critiques already noted in original post